For a closed, predefined group of subscribers, without a paid entry.

The service includes:

Basic branding microsite

Communication with a client

Preparing and setting up the registration form

Inserting the microsite content

  • Template creation and e-mail content distribution, distribution of invitation mails
  • Progressive reporting of status registration (possible client's online entry into the system)
  • Setting types and prices of tickets
  • Setting payment types, invoice proforma templates, and tax documents
  • Approx. 20-100 hours of support


Distribution of tickets with QR codes and on-site check-in.

The service includes:

Graphic design of eTicket in PDF

Generating all tickets with QR codes for confirmed subscribers and sending tickets via e-mail

Technical implementation of the check-in on site (delivery of HW + SW). Up to 5x QR reader, 1x server + LTE Access Point

Outputs / reports from on-site check-in

  • Very fast printing of individual badges on site, including HW delivery and operator training
  • Always an individual solution with a project prize
  • about 12-16 hours of support + HW


Technological solution: HTML5 + nodeJS applications running on any phone or tablet directly in the browser window - no installation required (!!)

Content sections:

  • Agenda
  • Speakers

Information section Interactive parts:

  • Ask the speaker
  • Voting
  • Feedback
  • Survey
  • Draw

The service includes:

Client communication, branding applications

Preparation and setting of Agenda, Speakers, Polling, Questions to Speakers, Feedback

Content collaboration (up to 30 Agenda and Speakers items)

Reporting usage of application information section + statistical and aggregate outputs from interactive parts of application.

  • A functional web app on a domain specified by the client or on the subdomain.easyevent.eu (or on the domain registered by the client and directed to our server)
  • approx. 20+ hours of support