RAFA 2017

EasyEvent R +, Q +, M
4 day conference, more than 1,500 participants, client UCT Prague

The RAFA 2017 production team has chosen Easy Event in its full complexity to provide demanding registration process, including scientific abstracts and ticket sales, on-site check-in with several badge prints, mobile app with individual edits and a new Newsfeed feature for checking news, messages and organizational instructions for participants. For individual workshops and panel discussions, we monitored access permissions using QR scanners and watched their traffic. Event partners had a great opportunity to obtain unique lists of people interested in their products by scanning QR codes (virtual business cards) directly at their exhibition stands.

Women@Work, Dream Big conference

EasyEvent Q+, M
Two events, check in + app, 200 + 500 guests, client Burda Prague

We have successfully implemented Easy Event for guest check-in and registration with badges for a social gathering of clients and advertisers of Marie Claire magazine. Guests could benefit from a mobile app that included event schedule and also had a unique opportunity to send their questions directly to speakers or fill out the feedback form.

Vodafone Channel Leadership Conference

EasyEvent complete package
500+ guests, client Vodafone

For this event, besides R and Q + modules for registration and check-in with wristbands, we developed a special mobile app environment tailored to suit the demand for active workshop management. We developed a unique system of workshop selections and individual schedule set up with an additional competition in the form of knowledge tests. Participants received credit for completing a quiz and answering questions. Managers also had the opportunity to keep track of their team activity and to evaluate each member with bonuses to their rating.

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